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Blue House

The basic area of the house is 14×5 m, it has a downstairs and an upstairs. It has an upstairs and a downstairs, downstairs is the bathroom, a completely equipped American kitchen ( fridge, deep-freeze, microwave oven, gas cooker, cutlery, coffee machine), and the small hall, where there are two single beds. This is mainly used by fishing men. and an open terrace.

Upstairs there are two rooms, there is a balcony belonging to both of them. In each room three people have place, there is a double bed and a single be din each of them. So altogether 8 people canstay here. If necessary, one or two spare beds can be put ina s well. If a larger team would come together, the blue and orange, the green and red houses can be opened in each other downstairs.

Every house has a security system, and a camera. From this year ont here is a cabel Tv in every room and downstairs and there is wifi, which can be used even in the yard.

A large yard belongs to the house, so you can park in a closed yard, next to the house. This makes it easy to pack in and out, and it is advantegous from security aspects as well. The house has an outside insulation and gas convectors, so we can provide a comfortable holiday even if the weather is cooler.

Int he yard there are a garden bench with a roof, 2 deckchairs, pot, grill plate, small grill.

To the house belongs a 8 m long pier, here two fishers can have secure place. Altogether 2+1 fishers.

To every house beongs a boat, too.

Waterdepth is between 5-13 m. The length of the fishing area can be even 3-400 m, so it is good to use a fish radar. We try to provide you some help even if you do not have a fish radar. We put one or two feeding buoys at the breaklines to help more successful fishing.

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