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Dear Fishers and Guests!

You can get information on this site about the lake of Gyékényes and about our houses next to the lake.

Here you can find help to choose fishing houses and weekend houses.

With the help of the map you may know the situation of each house and the size of the fishing area.




You can fin dall the important information if you click ont he chosen house.

For fishers it is extremely important, how wide is the area, how big is the size of the fishing area.

It is marked at each house!

We made a list of the basic area of every house, of their security and comfort equipment.

We can provide 8 houses for holiday makers at the same time.

4 of them are situated ont he north-western shore (water depth 5-8 m), the other 4 are at the eastern end of the lake (calm, quiet environment, 6-21 m).


Sector „A” is a densly built in area, so it is worth considering the number of recommended fishers.


I can recommend József Attila street for fishers, who want to catch catfish! It is recommended to get a fish radar.


You can see ont he map, that the houses are not in a curve, so you do not need to be afraid of cross-throwing.

We take holiday cheques and SZÉP card!

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