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House Nr. 35.

It has an upstairs and a downstairs, downstairs is the bathroom, a completely equipped American kitchen ( fridge, deep-freeze, microwave oven, gas cooker, cutlery, coffee machine), and the small hall, where there is a sofa. his is mainly used by fishing men.
Upstairs there are two rooms, one looks to the lake, with a large balcony going to the south. Here is a double bed and int he other room a French bed and a single bed. So there can be altogether 7 people. There is a Tv int he living room and one int he room looking to the lake.

The area in front of the house is separated just with a rail, so a pet can easily get away. Please consider this when choosing your house.

The yard is not windy. It goes to the south so we recommend it mainly for guests, who would like to sunbathe and relax here. We provide two deckchairs, a garden banch, grill possibility (grill, pot and grill plate) to their holiday.

For fishers:

A large pier and an 8 m long pier belong to the house to make fish keeping easier.

I call your attention that both neighbours are fishers here,so this house is recommended for only one fisher.

It is allowed to throw to the reeds so here is the best chance to catch fish from my 4 houses. Water depth at the buoy is about 4-5 m.

If more fishers would come at the same time, please choose from my other houses because there even more than 2 fishers have comfortable place.

If more than on fisher should come, I recommend for other fishers to use a boat.

It is worth bringing fish food, you can take this by boat or feeding boat as well.

On the pier there are a fishing stick holder, lights, and a dazzle lamp. We would like to make fishing at night more secure and more comfortable this way.


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